Family Wins Lottery and Friend Slowly Recovers

Oh man!  Where to begin?  I guess I'll start with a confession/apology - blogging is a WHOLE lot easier during the long Canadian winter when I have nothing else to do.  But in my defence, I've lived a whole lifetime in this past week!  I'll try to give you a synopsis, but I forgot my camera (actually I've misplaced it's memory card) so I've had to pilfer the photos from others.

It began last Thursday when I drove my sister to a doctor's appointment.  Those of you who don't know the history can find it  here.  She was given an A-O-kay and they removed the IV pic line through which she has been fed antibiotics every 6 hours for the last 6 weeks.  Yeah!

When I arrived home, I noticed our street was lined with cars, and music and laughter was erupting from our neighbour's back yard.  I was met by a very excited husband who had been waiting on pins and needles to give me the news - our good friends from across the street had won the lottery!  THEY WON THE FUCKING LOTTERY!  One million dollars!  $1,000,000.00!  (I know I'm repeating myself, but it's fun to type all those zeros.)  Suffice it to say, it was a hell of a party.

I've got some better photos of some of the partyers posing naked behind the cheque later in the evening, but this isn't that kind of blog. 

Friday was Canada Day, a national holiday, and my husband & I and two really BIG hangovers headed for the beach with our son for a day of sailing.

Grand Bend was jammed-packed full of party-goers.  The thousands lining the beach were entertained with live music and the water was full of speedboats, jet-skiers, wake-boarders and sail boats.  That evening, hundreds of boats anchored off the beach to watch the fireworks.

The next day was our yacht club's yearly regatta, and although we headed out to watch the start, we couldn't compete because we were invited to our friend's son's Stag & Doe/pig roast where we had a grand time catching up with some old friends.  We were really enjoying ourselves until the storm clouds rolled in and someone shouted over the P.A. system "grab your belongings and take cover!"

It's okay.  We all made it out alive.  But it was dramatic!

Sunday, we awoke to clear skies and headed off for more sailing.  We spent a perfect day on the water - fair winds and calm seas.   After an afternoon of sailing, we headed back in to port and discovered yet another great surprise waiting for us on the docks - our daughter who had been away touring Europe for the past few weeks!

By this time, the wind had died (which ALWAYS happens when Megan is around!) but she wanted to be on the water so we heaved ho and motored down to the Pinery Provincial Park where we went in to a deserted beach and anchored for a swim.

This is me on a giant piece of driftwood at the Pinery Beach.  It is a tiny photo because I'm wearing my bikini and NO ONE is allowed to see me in my bikini except for my immediately family.  

So...that's what I've been up to.   What about you?  Did you have a nice Canada Day?


  1. Les BotcharJuly 06, 2011

    I used to go to Grand Bend all summer long when I was in University (Western).....we'd play volleyball, swim and lounge on the beach all day, and then drink at a restaurant on the beach later at night. I can't remember what it was called.. Saunders or Sanders??? anyhoo,those were some of my best college years memories. It cured my homesickness many a summer (I grew up near Picton beach.)

  2. SherrilynmommaJuly 06, 2011

    I so hear ya on blogging being easier during our loooong winters!! CONGRATS to your neighbors, that's just amazing!! Canada Day was awesome here....weather was great:) plus my boys saw the fireworks for the first time...oldest loved it, youngest hid under a blanket the entire time! lol!! Happy summer to you!

  3. *pulls out magnifying glass* Cute bikini!

    Sounds like you've had an exciting week! Glad to hear about your sister!

    (and holy cow - how cool is it that your friends won the lottery???)

  4. Grand Bend is still popular with the university crowd but it's changed a lot in recent years - they've spruced it up a lot.

  5. AlpenwasserJuly 06, 2011

    Would we have been able to see a better picture of you if your neighbors lent you their big check (NOTE: I have adopted the American way of spelling "neighbor" and "check." We're lazy that way)? By the way, if I had won a million dollars, I would have danced around the neighborhood naked (and not waited until evening). Glad to hear your Canada Day was fun.

  6. That's ok. We Canadians are bi-lingual - mile/kilometre, Fahrenheit/Celcius, check/cheque. It's all good. And for the record - I was NOT one of the ones who posed naked behind the cheque, I was the one taking the pictures ;)

  7. Yes, it's great news about my sister. :D

  8. My youngest used to be afraid of fireworks too but they outgrow it. Glad to hear you had a awesome Canada Day.

  9. AlpenwasserJuly 06, 2011

    For what it's worth, the metric system makes much more sense than that goofy system we have. But I maintain that we won't go completely over to metrics for one reason: football. Can you imagine...."Third down and two meters to go."?
    Oh, the humanity!

  10. Although your entire week sounds awesome, I think the awesomest bit is about your sister! That is bloody marvellous news.

    Mind you your neighbours willing a million squidlies was bloody cool too! Happy Canada day, and I hope our Royals are behaving themselves over there ;-)

  11. Thanks! That was the best part. And yes, the Royals are behaving themselves and we're on our best behaviour too, bowing the curtsying and all.

  12. Wonderful news about your sister! I'm so glad to read it. :)

    I so know what you mean about blogging being easier in the winter!! I've had a terrible time keeping up lately.
    What a week you guys had! Grand Bend looks like so much fun, love the fireworks. :)

  13. Facing 50July 10, 2011

    Oh my goodness what a week! I know what you mean about posting - it is so much easier in Winter...I find I barely have time now and the only way is to not sleep!
    Great to hear all your news and I am here catching up on everything else I may have missed whilst I have been away
    Warm wishes and hope you have much more scattered joy :)
    from www,facing50withhumour.blogspot.com

  14. Hi Kara... did you know if you click on your photo you see a bigger you in a bikini... just letting you know! LOL

  15. Clare! You couldn't have sent me a private email? You had to broadcast it in my comment section?! Jeez! And I thought we were friends! LOL

  16. Well how are ANY of us going to top winning One Million Bucks?!?! wowza!!! Hope they share some with you, after all you blogged about 'em :) I'm your newest follower from the Social Parade and would love a follow back. Thanks!

  17. Wow! That family must be absolutely ecstatic! That gives me hope because my husband wont quit playing the lottery. LOL
    Your pictures are beautiful - even those scary looking clouds are gorgeous!
    I found you through the Social Parade and followed you on GFC and sent you a friend request on FB. :)