Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I wash.
I scrub.
I pluck.
I dye.
I whiten.
I tint.
I buff.
I polish.
I paint.
I brush.
I exfoliate.
I deodorize.
I moisturize.
I naturalize and emphasize.
And when I'm all done,
I criticize.

NEVER buy a magnifying mirror!


  1. I won't. You have convinced me!

  2. Crikey, you scared me! I won't be bloody going near one of those things.

    I like putting my make-up on in front of a steamed up mirror. It makes me look all soft and taut!

  3. Hah, you gotta admit, they are useful though!

  4. I call mine the "god-awful truth mirror". I rarely look into it.

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall... oh, forget it.

  5. My bathroom scale's been lying for years; now the mirror is a bloody liar, as well. (sigh) Maybe I never should have had that cataract surgery ...

  6. the only thing worse, is the ginormous one I am stuck with! I finally told hubby, I have to get rid of this monsterous mirror. let the mini bathroom reno begin!