Friday's Feature #6

Nicki Woo the Home Guru has a big-hearted writing-style that is so engaging, it's easy to imagine yourself drinking coffee at her kitchen table while she plies you with cupcakes and witticisms.  And as if her warm and witty writing weren't enough of a treat, Nicki always throws in a yummy recipe.

In this post, Nicki  freely admits she's a nut case with meatballs on the brain.  And a huge craving for a mustard-coloured hobo-esque purse.  And some guilt.  And perhaps, just maybe, a bit of buyer's remorse.

Superbowl Party Food: Uber Easy Oven Baked Meatballs with Flaxseed Water instead of Egg. . . Yum!!!!

[2 Days Ago]


I sat down to type to you, and tell you some other stuff but I've got some serious heavy business on my mind that just can't be escaped.

I was shopping the other day at TJ Maxx looking for new pillows for my couches . . . .  Read more~

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