Friday's Feature #2

Black Hockey Jesus serves up his unique brand of "rabid foamy joy" with equal portions of spirited exuberance and audacious imagery as he annihilates shame and self-doubt with his lightning-charged fingers.   Hang onto your seats, people - you're in for a rollicking ride!

N.O.W. H.E.R.E. T.H.I.S.
By Black Hockey Jesus

This blog, as you know, is the infinite garden inside of which my truth - the truth peculiar to me - blossoms like a big sexy flower that's not really a flower because it's actually an unparalleled eruption of fireworks in the pupil of a malicious crow, an orange fish swimming fat and slow in the ocean of pristine green consciousness, and sparkling gold confetti that covers the skin of a virgin purchased for a damn good price to obey the limits of my sadistic whim's fancy.  Spank Spank Spank! Aw yeah, girl.  The truth hurts.  But it'll set me free.  Read more>>