My Posh Pooch

I can remember when pet products consisted of only a collar and leash and canned pet food was the latest, greatest thing.  Dogs loved the tinned, stinky paste but few owners actually spent the money on it.  I mean...why pay hard-earned money on dog food when there's plenty of table scraps headed for the garbage bin?  But fueled by advertisements crafted to guilt dog lovers into providing the very best for their pets, dog food eventually caught on.

Since those early days of dog food advertisements, the pet products market has grown and flourished.  Now dog food takes up an entire aisle at your local department store with choices ranging from organic food, to diet food, to puppy food, to every other specialty niche imaginable.  And that's just the food.  There's also dog toys, and dog chews, and dog clothes, and dog grooming products, and dental care products, dishes, life jackets, beds, carriers, backpacks, towel sets, wet wipes, jewelry, (deep breath) and even doggy tote bags in which to carry it all.

So, I really wasn't surprised when I picked Bojangles up from his bi-annual grooming and found my neat and tidy pooch wearing a Christmas bandanna tied around his neck.   No.  No surprise there.  My astonishment happened when I bent down to give him a hug and my nose was greeted by a most heavenly scent.  Apparently, you can add doggy cologne to that list of  products.  And this was not just any old cologne.  No siree Bob!  This was a special cologne, created just for Christmas.  My handsome little fellow with his dapper new haircut wore the distinctive and delicious scent of freshly-baked sugar cookies!

"Must kill stupid bandana!"


  1. Our dog always gets a bandana when he gets home from the groomer's. My son, if he's home from college and sees it, pronounces it "effeminate" (this, despite the fact that the pooch has not had testicles for seven years) and immediately removes it. He then "gets rid of the evidence," where we have no idea. I suspect that, if we ever have to remove a wall, we will uncover a whole doggie store full of bandanas.
    As far as wet doggy food, even if we could get past the nasty smell, wet doggy food always leads to wet doggy farts. And, I'M the only alpha male allowed to float air biscuits around here.
    Instead of table scraps, we give him dry dog food. We guess he likes it. Either because he's unable to tell us (my money is on that answer because, well, he's a...dog) or he's afraid to tell us (because, like I said, he has no balls. This answer is probably correct, as well).

  2. Hah, he hates the thing! Or maybe it smells good enough to eat....

  3. LOL! Clancy HATES when they put a bandana on him when he is groomed, he starts trying to get it off the second we get in the car. I don't think he's ever had the cologne though, he is missing out. Cute pic of Bojangles!

  4. It's a good thing he's cute - he's a bit of a brat.

  5. Trust me, something doesn't have to smell good for him to eat it!

  6. hahaha! I love reading your comments, Al!

  7. susan swiderskiDecember 09, 2011

    It simply isn't right for a dog to smell better than I do! Not that I ever had to worry about it. Every dog we ever owned had an uncanny ability to uncover all manner of foul-smelling decay in our back yard so they could "stop, drop, and roll" in it. (especially after I took 'em to the groomer!)

  8. Ruth PearsonDecember 10, 2011

    Is that good to make a dog smell like food? He may try to eat himself.