Ghosts At Large

When a friend asked, "You got any plans for Halloween?" we were instantly bewitched.

"A Halloween party?!  We'd love to come!"

Dan and I haven't been to a Halloween party in ages.  And I love Halloween.  I mean...I really love Halloween.  I love the colours - pumpkin orange with an inky black sky.  I love it's smell of autumn leaves, and apple cider, and Tootsie Rolls.  I love the witches, the vampires, the zombies and the ghosts.  And I especially love greeting the children at the door as they come trick or treating.  You know the neighbourhood crazy lady who always dresses up in a costume to hand out candy and whose breath smells suspiciously like boozy apple cider?  That would be me.

So when we got an invitation to a Halloween party, I quickly went out and found the most deliciously creepy costumes.  I purchased these olden-day outfits, all white and raggedy and bought make-up to make our faces look dead and ghastly.

Is this not cool, or what?!

Something like this - only spookier!  

source:  https://www.798makeupandhair.com

But our friends had to cancel.  There will be no party.  Talk about being all dressed up with no place to go!     So, if you know of any place that could use a little haunting, please let me know.


  1. Ruth PearsonOctober 25, 2011

    Check the paper for events in your area is all I can offer. My husband hates to dress up so we never go anywhere. Well, he works nights and weekends so that doesn't help either, but even if he didn't work he wouldn't go anywhere with me. :(

  2. Romina GarciaOctober 25, 2011

    Oh wow they are awesome...Awesome enough to perhaps throw your own party?

  3. Romina! How nice to hear from you again! We thought about throwing our own party, but it's a bit late notice.

  4. He sounds like the Scrooge of Halloween. Bah Humbug!

  5. This makes me wish we were having a party. I hope you find somewhere to haunt...Happy Halloween!!

  6. Come haunt me? Only I'm probably too far away :(

  7. You had me laughing out loud there! Those costumes are bloody ace!! What a shame you can't wear 'em to the party any more. I would recommend against wearing them in the house on your own in case the neighbours see you, but you are more than welcome to come round to my house and do some haunting ;-)

  8. Ruth PearsonNovember 02, 2011

    Pretty much.