I'm Back!

This post will be of no interest to anyone except other bloggers, (sorry to all my Facebook followers) but I can finally sign back in to my own blog.  Ever since the 24th, Blogger has been wonky and my Google account wasn't much better.  I could access my Dashboard but whenever I went to my Homepage to reply to a comment, I was signed out.  Whenever I tried to sign back in, I was sent back to my Dashboard.  If I tried to sign in through the Comment window, it sent me to the Google Sign In window, then listed me as Anonymous!  On my own blog!

Anyway, after reading Blogger's Help Message Boards, I tried the following suggestions:
1.  Deleted my cache
2.  Deleted my cookies

And when that still didn't work -

3.  Downloaded Google's new browser Chrome and so far so good.

Has anyone else had any problems?


  1. Oh. Lawd. Have. Mercy.

    Do I know these woe's or what? I had a similiar problem, but since then my computer crashed so I had to reistall everything and now its working well :)

    It's been acting a little funny on my daughters computer too. But when I use Safari, all is well. I think my problem had something to do with internet settings. Though, who the heck knows. Glad you're back. I know it's a load off your shoulders :)

  2. I haven't been able to access my blog through the main page, but can sign in when I go to my blog url. The only other problem I've been having is being able to follow other peoples blog. The followers aren't showing up.??


  3. Nicki: Your computer crashed?! I hope you didn't lose much data.

    Dawn: My followers aren't showing up either. Sometimes they're there, sometimes they're not.

    But it could be much worse. I own a computer service shop and an elderly woman just came in with a virus on her pc - one which masquerades as an anti-virus and hijacks your computer until your send them your credit card. And guess what the woman did? Yup. I just sent her down the street to the bank to let them know that scammers have her credit card number. Poor woman!

  4. My google page would show a recent post of yours, but when I clicked to read it....."blog Scattered Joy doesn't exist"! What....how will get my joy? LOL. When I could access the joy...I couldn't comment.
    Tis Joyous to have you back up and running!

  5. I have the same issues with the comments.

  6. 'Im using a diff comp for this comment.

  7. Oh yeah, blogger is kicking everybody's butt. Their tech support is aware of these "known issues" and is allegedly working on getting them fixed. All I can say is I hope they work a little faster. I can only post comments on some blogs with Internet Explorer, and some using Chrome, (which I had to use here)but neither of them are letting me comment on my OWN darned blog right now. ARRRRRGHH!

  8. Yep, the very last blog that I read - by Mrs Tuna - and she had exactly the same problems. Blogger is a pile of crap isn't it? Maybe time to look at moving to WordPress?!!

    By the way, I use Firefox rather than IE and have far less problems than other peeps. Good luck chick!

  9. AnonymousMay 29, 2011

    I'm glad you're back!
    Annie.... I like Blogger... it's free.