Hep Cats & Beatniks - Part 2

Here's my very first introduction to Hep Cats and Beatniks - via the Flintstones.  Watch Fred busts his chops and Barnie beats on the skins to an appreciative younger audience until Wilma & Betty, incognito as Beatniks, arrive to screw with their minds. 

Skoodilyo Wow Wow Wow!


  1. The Flintstones was one of my favorite cartoons growing up as a kid. Jeff once told me it was fashioned after the "Honeymooners". You are too young to remember the Honeymooners- but I'm sure you've seen reruns.
    Fun stuff!

  2. PAMO: Your a sweetheart for pointing out that I'm too young to remember the Honeymooners, but I have watched plenty of the reruns and now that you've mentioned it, I can see that the shows are a lot alike. I think Jeff may be right this time :)