Colourful Brazil

I've just returned from a cruise up the Amazon where I discovered the cities and people of Brazil to be vibrant, colourful, and musical.  Music was everywhere - blasting out of giant speakers found along the waterfronts, from speakers mounted on telephone poles along downtown streets, and from sound systems in all the street-side bars and restaurants.  I spotted a motorcyclist manoeuvring through a busy street with a giant boom box strapped to the seat behind him, volumn turned up to be heard over the din of traffic, and in a remote jungle village which had only recently acquired electricity, music was being piped out for public consumption from a sophisticated sound system.  Brazilians, it seems, prefer their music to be shared publicly which contrasts so distinctly with North Americans who walk around wearing earphones, listening to their music privately.

Here's a sample of the sounds and sights of Brazil in a slideshow I made from my photos.  You'll notice there are boats everywhere -  that's because boats are their only means of tranportation from one community to another.  Often the trip takes days, so they bring along hammocks to sleep in.  Enjoy!

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