The Predator and Me - A Mommy Blog

I know.  It's a strange title.  But then, this whole post is a bit unusual for me.  You see, I'm going to morph (just for today) into a Mommy Blogger, which is a little odd as, well... it's been a very long time since my kids have called me "Mommy".

Some of you will know that I have two grown children who are both away at University - one getting his BA in Communications, and the other getting a Post Graduate Degree in International Development.

As all mothers know, raising children is the most agonizing joy imaginable.  Our hearts are filled with overwhelming love for our children, and the joy of having them in our lives is a most precious gift.

But motherhood is also full of worry and angst.  We worry about their health, their happiness, their well being. We worry when, at six, they seem too dependent on us, then worry at sixteen when they seem too independent.  We worry about them being accepted by their peers, then worry about the influence their friends will have. We worry if they will excel at academics and sports or at delinquency and misdemeanors.

And now, when they are finally grown, I've come to realize that all the worry was for naught, because (despite all my maternal anxiety), they turned out just fine.

Now my worry has been replaced by something else - a desire to see them succeed. Which is why, when my son asked if I would post a video which he made for a school project, I quickly agreed.  The video, called The Predator and Me, is filmed in a dorm room at the University of Windsor, in Windsor, Ontario Canada and along Windsor's waterfront.  (That's Detroit, U.S. across the river.)  Enjoy!


  1. Well done, but not at all what I was expecting. (The videos my kids made when they were young were always kinda goofy.) But this is extremely well done. You must be one proud mama.

  2. Wow. Great video. But I'm also amazed at how tech savvy kids are now. What used to be reserved for those with access to and knowledge of very specialized equipment, is now open for all kinds of young, creative minds! I love seeing what they produce!

  3. You must be very proud, Kara! Well done to your son.

  4. Awww, your son is brilliant! That video was ace. But please can you ask him what the dark shadow behind the tree was? It seemed to be the thing that killed the girl.

    You must be well proud chick!!

  5. Since I'm having trouble getting the memory card in correctly in my new camera I am in awe of anyone that can do that. Good job!

  6. that was so great! You must be so proud indeed, and thank you for sharing with us!

    and wow, that dorm room is way nicer than the one I survived back at "the zoo" at Western!

  7. Very, very well done.
    Was the dark shadow behind the tree the shadow of death?
    I thought that was Detroit on the other side of the river. I recognized the gunfire.