Learn How the SOPA & PIPA Bills Will Effect Blogspot Users

Pending American legislature will cripple free exchange of information and ideas on the internet and give private policing powers to ISPs and financial service providers such as PayPal and Visa.  The pending law will prevent Americans from accessing websites found guilty of copyright infringements by having Internet Service Providers block access to offending websites' domain names, and by having financial service providers cut off revenue sources to such websites.  ISPs and financial service providers will be permitted to take these actions at their own discretion, with immunity.

What This Means For Blogspot Users

As the bill will block access to offending websites by using the site's domain name, all bloggers using the free blog hosting site, Blogspot, are at risk of having access to their blogs denied and their blog's name removed from search engines if ANY of the tens of thousands of bloggers who also use the Blogspot domain are found in violation of the new law.

This video explains the bills far better than I ever could.  At 11:16 minutes, it's a little long, but definitely worth watching.  When they explain how the bill will give private policing powers to some companies, it is quite disturbing and I believe everyone should be made aware of this.    

If you are an American, please clink on the link before and sign the petition to stop the Sopa & Pipa bills.  


  1. Oh my gosh! How scary. I just heard about this recently. I didn't know it involved all of this. :(

  2. By everything I have heard Congress say, they don't even understand what the bills even mean.
    Apparently after yesterday, they both lost a lot of support and Obama says he would veto it. I hope he means it.

  3. Great run down on how it can really affect bloggers. I am hoping it won't pass either!!

  4. Ugh, this bill better not pass. It's ridiculous!

  5. Ohhhhhh, my country!
    I'd hate to think I'd get muzzled.