Friday's Feature #3

Sara, from Sara in Le Petit Village writes about life as an American living with her French husband in a small village in Provence, France.  Her witty tales includes a colourful cast of locals such as Honey Jr., the Child Bride and the Gypsy and her charming account of day-to-day life in France is so full of delightful details, you can almost taste the Blue d'Auvergne.  Enjoy!

Honey Jr Saves the Day. 
Last week the Mistral battered Provence something fierce. It always blows hard, but this was a different kettle of fish altogether... this mistral blew off roof tiles, howled down my chimney, and left a trembling Fifty in it's wake.  Read More >>


  1. "So jog I must." I should get a tat of that if I could jog without my boobs blacking out both my eyes...

  2. Bodacious Boomer - I wish I had that excuse!

  3. Hey Kara,

    Will check it out! :)

  4. Thanks for featuring me Kara!
    Funny enough, but when the whole episode was going down and I was locked out of my house incapable of reaching my keys in the tire wheel, I thought to myself, "at least I've got something to blog about" xo