Time To Party!

You may be wondering where I am today. I am not here at my usual post. No, I am busy putting on my virtual party dress and getting ready for a rare event – an on-line house party! Yes, a proper on-line party to launch Carol’s debut novel Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines.

     It should prove to be a fabulous opportunity to meet new bloggers and friends; a huge cyber gathering, so come on and join me. I can invite as many guests as I want and you only need to bring a sense of fun with you. You will be able to mix and meet a variety of people from Blogland.

     There will actually be virtual games (have you ever tried ‘Pin the tail on a virtual donkey or virtual juggling?’), virtual food – you won’t get fat on that, music of your choosing. There is a ‘Mini Skirt’competition with a few surprises. Please, pretty please, come and vote for me – I really want to win the special laughter line gel pen and makeup. There is also a ‘Laughter Line’ contest where you can vote for your favourite joke – an event which should bring a smile to your face.

     In various ‘rooms’ you will be able to mingle and ‘chat’ to other bloggers and ‘A’ list celebrities. There are even some Guests of Honour. There will be virtual dancing and of course, as it is a book launch party, the opportunity to read some of Carol’s very entertaining novel and even win a copy.

     Have you read the book already? Then come over and leave a comment – it could win you a prize. Are you on Facebook? Then ‘like’ Carol E Wyer’s page and answer the question ‘What film/book or television series makes you laugh most?’It could win you a copy of the book.

     Have you never heard of Carol? Well, come and join her, me and all of us. The party starts at midnight UK time Friday 16th 2011 and will go on all day. Come on, you can skip off work for a while...’


  1. I'll try to get my mini-skirt on. No promises.

  2. See you at the party!!

  3. Kara, thank you for the cyber tears. WOW for your daughter! My son is still trying to finish up his dual B.S.'s good for her. You do know and understand my feelings. Thanks for drop by.

  4. Hi Kara, I was round at the party yesterday and saw that you had stopped by! I haven't got any votes in the mini-skirt competition so I need to do a post about Carol's novel too. It was a brilliant idea the way she had all different rooms on her website ....

  5. What no votes?! But you looked so...um...fetching in your granny dress and rubber boots!